Set the author of the scandalous video in which a truck knocks Zelensky

Penalty involving deprivation of liberty for a term up to 5 years.

Natspolitsiya set the author of a provocative video with "collisions" of the truck at Vladimir Zelensky. Aboutthis reports "a Team Zelensky" in the Telegram.

"Natspolitsiya opened criminal proceedings under article "Threat or violence concerning the state or public figure!" Moreover, during this time, the senior investigator for particularly important cases already gathered all the information about assume the author of the masterpiece "video", — stated in the "Team Zelensky".  

As reported "Comments", during the presidential campaign, the Network has a video in which a truck hit by Vladimir Zelensky.

April 11, national police made an appeal to социальной сети Telegram с просьбой удалить ролик, на котором кандидата в президенты Владимира Зеленского сбивает грузовик.

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