In the Internet appeared the video address of the attacker Poroshenko

The man wanted revenge, so he explained his action

A veteran of the regiment Azov Nikita Makeev called the move their actions under the building of the State Bureau of investigation, when there came fifth President Petro Poroshenko. The corresponding video address, the St. Petersburg native has posted 25 Jul in Facebook.
"In 2014, I came to fight for the independence of Ukraine. Today, buying at a pace of four body armor, three of which are with the comrades shot at the site, that's so simple and easy, I wanted one of them to convey personally to Pyotr Alekseevich. He's not shot. I'd like to put them on," said Makeev.
As the protection of the former President didn't miss him to Poroshenko, the veteran decided to act more radically and put up a fight.

"I wanted to pay him back for all these five years of humiliation that he is using his players in the Administration of the President and appointees of the GMR was made in relation to foreign volunteers, promising them citizenship, and instead let them through the nine circles of bureaucratic hell", – said Makeev.
He also denied reports that tried to assassinate Poroshenko.
"I didn't risk your life in Donbas, to the inside of the peace of the city of Kiev to make such (attempt – ed). <...> It was my move," said the veteran.

As reported by the "Comments", July 25, four unidentified men tried attack on Poroshenko when he was released after interrogation in the GBR. Protection of the former head of state pushed attackers. After the incident the police intervened, the attackers disappeared.

As reported by the "Comments", July 25, about 17 hours a group of individuals blocked the car Poroshenko and came into conflict with its protection.

The men tried to run up to the car Poroshenko, his bodyguard fought off attacker with umbrella, and he sprayed tear gas.

According to media reports, the car Poroshenko got veteran Azov regiment Nikita Makeev Callsign Odyssey.

After this incident, the police intervened and the intruders disappeared. Poroshenko had to sit in the car and was not injured in the result incident.

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