In the Parliament are five parties: the CEC counted 100% of votes

Released final election results

The Central election Commission summed up the results of the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine — five parties-leaders, held in the Verkhovna Rada has not changed.

So, according to the results of counting 100% of protocols, the presidential party "servant of the people" gathered of 43.16% of the vote (6 306 636 people), "the Opposition platform For life" — of 13.05% (1 022 907 people), "Batkivshchyna" — of 8.18% (1 196 245 people), "European solidarity" — 8,10% (1 184 358 people) and "the Voice" — 5,82% (851 650 people).

A 5% threshold does not overcome the Radical party (4,01%), "Strength and honor" (3,82%), Opposition bloc (3,03%), "Ukrainian strategy Groisman" (2.41 per cent), the role of Sharia is gaining (or 2.23%), "Freedom" (2,15%). The rest political forces have gained less than 2% of the vote and not received the right to state funding.

As reported "Comments", the 10 members of the District election commissions (DECS) No. 70 that in Svalyava, got food poisoning. Also injured two policemen, rescuer and observer.

The Chairman of the OIC said that he had ordered a salad in a nearby restaurant. Some members of the house now, but it is also bad.

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