Over the Black sea ended exercises of the naval aviation of Ukraine

The exercises were aimed at testing different scenarios the application of divisions of the naval aviation brigade

Naval aviation Armed forces of Ukraine in St.-Petersburg exercises over the Black sea. This was reported by information Agency of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

Uhthat was the flight tactical exercises to practice various scenarios units of the naval aviation brigade during the operations of the troops Navy.

During the week-long exercises, the crews improved flight training, fulfilled the elements of the search and emergency victims and evacuation.

The culmination of military exercises was a search and tracking marine aviators submarine of the enemy, followed by the implementation bomb and torpedo strikes, the military reported.

"During the aerial reconnaissance the crew of the helicopter Ka-27 has detected the seat of the enemy and using the guidelines of the marine bombs marked the area for the implementation of impact. To Cape Agias (near the village of Rybakovk of the Nikolaev area – ed.) rushed the group of advanced aircraft gunners, who have fulfilled the elements of targeting and the adjustment of fire. The crews of anti-submarine helicopters and aircraft A-26 destroyed imaginary enemy", – stated in the message.

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