Yanukovych wanted to return to Ukraine

The lawyers of the former President are doing everything to ensure that their client returned to Ukraine

Escaped from Ukraine the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych wants to return to Ukraine. This was stated by the lawyer Vitaly Angryto.

Moreover, Yanukovych, who considers himself the legitimate President state, leaves no hope to punish those responsible for his overthrow, as he considers, through a coup.

"The protection measures that will ensure the opportunity of his stay in the homeland. The main tasks set by the client - this is to bring to justice the perpetrators of the surrender of the Crimea responsible for the implementation of the unconstitutional seizure of power or coup - now executed", - said the lawyer of the former President.

The lawyer noted that the defenders of Yanukovych are now trying to do everything in order to convict for treason the ex-President's arrival in Ukraine was not put in jail.

"He is now on the territory of the Russian Federation temporarily. And protection measures that will be stay at home," confirmed Serdyuk.

Speaking about appeal, lawyers believe that they will be able to cancel the politically motivated imprisonment of Yanukovych. However, the Prosecutor of the GPU Ruslan Kravchenko stressed that the prosecution is confident in their victory, as "the verdict of the Obolonsky district court in Kyiv - reasoned and legitimate."

 As previously reported "Comments", the former Vice President of USA Joe Biden statedthat his call could be a cause of flight Victory Yanukovych in 2014. About this he wrote in his memoir, "Promise me, dad," which was published in November 2017.

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