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Politics foreign policy Entered into force the law on sanctions for MPs for absenteeism

Entered into force the law on sanctions for MPs for absenteeism

It became known as the will to punish deputies for absenteeism

1 November 2019, 09:01 1516

• Наталья Шевченко

Entered into force the law on sanctions for MPs for absenteeism

In Ukraine came into force law No. 196-IX sanctions for deputies for absenteeism.

Deputies DolWus will be recorded in electronic form, written registration is cancelled if the policy on late registration and then will vote for bills, he will be counted as presence.

If during the month, the MP will miss without a valid reasons more than 30 percent of votes in the session hall or more than 50% meetings of the Committee will not reimburse expenses associated with duties for this month.

The law also says that people's representatives will earn the salary for plenary meetings only under condition of participation of at least 70% of the votes of Parliament. Consider the number of ballots will be using electronic systems and data in % are to be published on the website of the Deputy the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

As reported the edition "Comments", earlier deputies repeatedly tried to pass laws which impose punishment for the future, but support from parliamentarians, they could not find. So, in 2018, Leonid Yemets submitted a draft law No. 8461 which proposed to punish non-personal voting of deputies for a term of three to seven years in prison and fined 10 thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

We also wrote about what the President proposed to amend the Constitution, allowing to deprive of the Deputy mandate by the court. Without authority remains pusher and those who missed a third of the meetings.

We also wrote about the fact that not personal vote, the bill proposes to impose a fine in the amount from 3 to 5 thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens ( from 51 to 85 thousand).