"Ukrzaliznytsia" decided to fight hard with the drunk at work

Workers will be checked 2 times a day the presence of alcohol in the blood

"Ukrzaliznytsya" has tightened control over compliance with labor discipline in the company, in particular, introduced a policy of zero tolerance the use of alcohol during working hours. This was announced by the head of regional branch "South-West railway" Roman Warecki.

According to him, this was purchased certified the breathalyzer, which checks for the presence of alcohol in the body of the employees before, in the middle and at the end of the day.

"The device is already installed on the walk-through at the main office regional branch "South-West railway", and also armed them of inspectors, monitors compliance with labor discipline", — said Roman Warecki, head of the regional branch "South-West railway".

He noted that the innovation was part of a larger strategy security, adopted by JSC "Ukrzaliznytsya" two years ago that will allow to drunk weed out employees before they take up their duties.

Now, in addition to traditional briefing before the shift, employees will be ways to check the presence of alcohol in the body. Drunk will be removed from the job immediately.

In South Western railway said, tightening control over observance of labor discipline in the enterprise — not just a fad. Thus, planning to maximize the railway transportation safety and to reduce the statistics of mortality among employees of UZ and among the population. After all statistics, more than half of all accidents on the railroad are to blame alcohol.

According to the chief of security service of work of the regional branch "South-West railway" Alla lazko, only for the first half 2019 on the territory of the regional branch "South-West railway" there have been four accidents, three of which were fatal. The results of the examination showed a high content of alcohol in the blood affected.

In km also explained that there is another argument in favor of stricter control over the observance of labor discipline by the railroad. July 21 came into force a legislative rule requiring responsible for every accident the fault of the employee, including staying in an alcohol intoxication, on his head. Liability to criminal, and involves up to 7 years of imprisonment (in depending on the complexity of emergency).

As written, the edition "Comments", "Railways" opened a number of routes, the sale of tickets 60 days before departure.

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