During the equality March in Kharkiv clashes

During the equality March in Kharkiv clashes. In the beginning of the action the participants of the pride began to throw eggs. The police present in the square, and formed cordons.

Soon a dozen supporters of traditional values attacked several participants near the Central entrance to the regional administration. Began to strike feet. Among the attackers were men in uniform organization "Ruthless".

Soon the attackers fled. The organizers of the "Archivepage" said that do not have any information about the victims.

In this the time the column of marchers ready to go in Sumy the square of the Constitution. People defending the police. Nationalists tried to attack the marchers with eggs, but they flew.

At the end of the campaign, the volunteers asked the participants to shoot symbolism and orderly move in the direction of the metro station “University” then to leave the center of the city.

To the holding of the equality March in the center of Kharkov was pulled more than a thousand police officers, armored and other special equipment.


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