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Society developments TOP 5 things to know Monday:

TOP 5 things to know Monday:

19 November 2019, 20:00 2311

• Елена Волкова

TOP 5 things to know Monday:

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that his team is preparing for Norman summit, which will take place on 9 December. The head of our the state intends to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin is not just a question of ending the war and the return of the Ukrainian territories. Also he noted that a decision on Donbass it is necessary to seek only diplomatic a journey that starts with the painstaking negotiations in the "channel format." Zelensky also noted that all of the above applies to prisoners Ukrainians held in Russia on political grounds. President hopes that in the end, we will be able to make an exchange under the scheme "all for all".

30% truants. The electoral Commission reportin October all plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada called for only 299 MPs out of 423-better participation in meetings Deputies from the faction of "the voice": on average, came to the meeting 83% parliamentarians. On the second place in this discipline (80%) the fraction of "servant people" on the third (69%) - "European solidarity". Indicators "the Opposition platform of Pro — life" and "homeland" below — 61% and 57%, respectively. And only 52% of the group of deputies "for future" attended all sessions of Parliament.

Earth – not for Russia. Today the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on land issues Roman Leshchenko explained the issue ofthe openingm of the land market in Ukraine. Innovation will not apply to the country-aggressor, and if the Russian company in some way for the purchase of land in Ukraine, they will take sanctions in the form special confiscation.

Fatal fire. Today around 5:00 a.m. in the village of starychi occurred a major fire in a military unit, killing one officer was killed and another was diagnosed with burns. To put out the flame, needed 12 firefighters and rescuers in the aftermath of the incident involved dozens military. At the time members of the military police to find out the causes and circumstances of the accident in the event of a military part burned.