Fishing in the Baltic sea: the EU announced the ban

The EU is urged to reduce the fish catch in the Baltic sea

The EU intends to reduce the catch of most species of commercial fish in the Baltic sea, reports Delfi.

According to the EU, the status of fish stocks of the Baltic sea was worse than expected.

"Despite the efforts of our fishermen and the authorities, has been a difficult situation with fish stocks of the Baltic sea, especially cod in the Eastern Baltic and herring in the West. In accordance with scientific recommendations, we intend to offer a reasonable package to ensure sustainable fisheries in the Baltic sea", - said the member of the European Commission's environment, Maritime Affairs and fisheries, Carmen Vella.

So, the EU has proposed to leave unchanged the number of salmon caught in the Gulf of Finland, but to increase the catch of herring in the Gulf of Riga.

"We need to reduce the catch of other fish species - herring in the Central, Western Baltic and Gulf of Bothnia, plaice, sprat, cod in the Western and Eastern Baltic sea", - noted in the EU.

The Commission's proposal to consider the Council of the EU, the decision will be made on October 14-15.

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