In St. Petersburg took place the meeting of Putin and Medvedchuk

July 18, Viktor Medvedchuk at the invitation of Vladimir Putin visited St. Petersburg

The President of the Russian Federation held a meeting with the Chairman of political Council of party "the Opposition platform On life" Viktor Medvedchuk, which was attended by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka.

The meeting discussed issues of Ukrainian-Russian cooperation and peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas.

In particular, the President of the Russian Federation stated that the issue full recovery of Russian-Ukrainian relations is extremely important. "We will cooperate with any political force, including your political power (the party "Opposition platform For life." — Ed.) to restore full relations between Russia and Ukraine. This also applies to the solution of problems in the Donbass. It concerns our bilateral relations in the economic sphere. Clear the government reported to me about your meetings and the topics discussed," said Putin.

Also, the Russian President said that all agreements reached between the representatives of the party "Opposition platform For life" and the Russian government, he considers it feasible.

In turn, Medvedchuk told about the presentation in Parliament of the peace plan — Plan-concept the settlement of the crisis in the South-East of Ukraine. "It was very interesting meeting. It is very important that it was attended by deputies of the European Parliament Interest... was, I say, not artificial, it was a sincere and productive conversation, and most importantly (and this was pointed out by the MEPs), what happened the moment when they break the monopoly of the "party of war", which was under the power of Mr. Poroshenko, to give information about the situation in Ukraine. Here is the monopoly, it was completed, because yesterday the deputies The European Parliament has heard the point of view of another part of Ukraine, point of view of the party world, point of view, today it is necessary to make to the world do it", — said Medvedchuk.

He said that the main tasks that puts party "Opposition platform of life" to bring back the people, not territory, and to return the Donbass in Ukraine, and Ukraine at the Donbass. Also Medvedchuk noted that one of the programmatic challenges facing the party is the restoration of economic relations with Russia.

"You know that we have there were meetings with the leadership of the government, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has already had two meetings and as Chairman of the government, and as leader of the party "United Russia". We met with the leadership of the state Duma, we met with leadership of "Gazprom", where an agreement was reached (for the proposals of the Russian side) in case of resumption of direct deliveries gas — reduce by 25%", — said Medvedchuk.

In turn the Russian President said that the agreements are quite implemented.

We will remind, by results of negotiations Viktor Medvedchuk, and Yuriy Boiko as representatives of the party "Opposition platform For life" held with the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and Chairman of the Board "Gazprom" Alexey Miller was able to attain some of the best for Ukraine agreements. In particular, we are talking about direct deliveries of gas to Ukraine and reduce gas prices by a quarter for the General population. And about the lifting of the ban on the transit of Ukrainian goods through Russia and the abolition of unilateral sanctions on some Ukrainian goods.

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