Beer with steroids released for the Olympics in the UK



  A small Scottish brewery has launched an advertising anti-Olympic campaign  

The campaign launched a limited edition brewers of ale with the same name. On the packaging of beer than a slogan, painted gold medal and the inscription ´for the fresh generation.´ Beer contains several ingredients that are officially banned for use by Olympic athletes - including steroids, creatine, ginkgo nuts, cola, guarana like. 

Representatives of the brewery in such a way to express their criticism of the organizers of the Olympics, sponsors who have made sports a fast-food outlets, and believe that such a move could undermine consumer confidence in the Olympic sponsors.

In the last week before the Olympics anti-Olympic launched an advertising campaign and the British network of liquor stores Oddbins. She offered 30 percent discount to customers who produces a range of products - from trousers to car keys - belonging to competitors of official sponsors of the Olympics.

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