The number of working Ukrainians increased to 63%

The demand for labour continued to grow.

In the first quarter of this year, the number working Ukrainians increased to 63.1 per cent. Especially working became more at the age of 35 to 39 years, and at the age of from 50-59 years, according to a quarterly inflation report for July 2019 The national Bank of Ukraine.

As noted, the demand for labour also continued to grow.

"Expectations the companies, regarding changes in the number workers, according to the polls, remained positive from 2017. Although in 2019 they are a little loose. Under the influence the high growth rates of production volumes and work performed, the expected increase in employment in retail trade, transport and construction", - said in the message.

Enterprise wholesale trade is also expected to increase the number of employees based on the slowdown the fall in wholesale turnover.

"But enterprises of agriculture and scope of electricity and water for the third consecutive year is expected to reduce the number of employees," explains controller.

In addition in the first quarter of this year the employment rate reached nearly 58% , and the unemployment rate decreased to 8, 6%. In Ukraine reduced the number of the vacancies registered in The state employment service. It talking to the NBU, may indicate on the gradual satisfaction of the demand for the labor force.

Earlier the edition "Comments" reported, what called most of vostrebovannosti Jan.

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