DTEK started cooperation with the national power company of Croatia

During the meeting Andrey Plenkovich and Maxim Timchenko discussed the issues of cooperation between Croatia and Ukraine

Today, October 10, DTEK (Donbass fuel-energy company) and the Croatian national power company HEP d.d. (Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d.) signed a Memorandum of understanding and partnership. Signatures under the document have put the General Director of DTEK Maxim Timchenko and Chairman of the Board HEP d.d. Barbarich Frane (Frane Barbarić). In signing ceremony participated the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrey Plenkovich and charge d'affaires of Ukraine in the Republic of Croatia Garopaba Sergei.

The Memorandum provides for opportunities for trade in energy resources, implementation of joint projects in foreign markets, including investments in energy assets.

The first step in cooperation of DTEK with HEP d.d. test plan the supply of electricity subsidiary of DTEK Hungary Power Trade Croatian company with a volume of up to 2.5 thousand MWh in October of this year. Next year the volume of trade can be up to 1.3 million MWh.

"Access to foreign markets, international partnerships are one of the vectors is a long-term strategy of DTEK. Today we cooperate with more than 20 European companies in the field of trading with energy, confirming the status of DTEK as a reliable international partner. The signing of a Memorandum of cooperation with HEP d.d., leader energy Croatia, is the next step in expanding our presence in the European energy markets. We see this as another step of rapprochement of the Ukrainian and European power systems, which is key to strengthening energy security of Ukraine", – said Maxim Timchenko.

The Chairman of the Board HEP d.d. Frane Barbarich said that they expect that cooperation will promote growth and achieve best business results. And, their partnership will provide a significant contribution to the strategic goals of Croatia, such as the diversification of sources of energy supply and enhance energy security and stability of Croatia.

During the meeting Andrey Plenkovich and Maxim Timchenko discussed the issues of cooperation between Croatia and Ukraine in the energy sector, in particular, joint efforts around the integration of energy markets and attract investment.

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