The Klitschko brothers have filed in court 1+1

The mayor wants to protect his honor and dignity

The Mayor Of Kiev Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir Klitschko has filed the lawsuit against the TV channel "1 +1" and intend to defend their honor and dignity.

"Not a day goes by that one of the most popular channels has remembered a bad word of the mayor of Kiev. Lies, manipulation, clearly fabricated information. I said that I would protect his honor and dignity in court. I my brother filed a lawsuit on the channel "1 1", which throws us mud. I decided not to stop and got to my brother Vladimir", - said Vitaly Klitschko at a press conference on Friday Kiev.

According to the mayor, "about the attack on freedom of speech here it is not go."

He also added that the head of this TV channel is not only a representative political force, and "it is also called a key contender to the head of the Kyiv city state administration". "Now, I don't care for various candidates, their ambitions, but to denigrate my reputation I will not allow. I have a lot worked on it, and will defend myself legal means," - said Klitschko.

The official noted that he launched an extensive campaign to discredit him: "It's information about some contrived productions against me, which, incidentally, initiated by Yanukovych supporters".

Klitschko gave several examples of manipulation, in particular, the distortion of information about the cost of a new pedestrian and Bicycle bridge in the centre Kiev and the construction of Shulyavska overpass.

As reported by the "Comments", the Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has again embarrassed the time of the live broadcast of the program "Your freedom" on YouTube-channel Radio Freedom.

Policies in the program discussed the fact that the team Zelensky filed in the Office Of Ministers to dismiss him from the post of head of Kyiv city state administration.

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