From the President of Ukraine require to accept the choice of Donbass

Managers quasimonotone "LNB" and "DND" Leonid and Pasechnik, Denis Pushilin joined the action "Choice Donbass". The project, initiated by the Kremlin is making demands to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to provide the republics" so-called "special status" within Ukraine and to recognize "the right of the region of integration with Russia."

What is behind such claims, how to respond to Ukraine, publishing "Comments" said political experts.

Analyst Alexander Kochetkov I am sure that such requirements of the "DND" and "LNB" will lead to the inevitable crash sovereignty of Ukraine.

"Absolutely nothing new. In sci-Fi movies, the Kremlin wants to push the fetus is "foreign" to the body Of Ukraine that he destroyed it from the inside. "The special status of Donbass" the Kremlin's terms is delayed, but inevitable collapse of Ukrainian sovereignty, - said analyst Alexander Kochetkov. - It is significant that the initiative leaders DND-LNB correlates with the condition of Putin, who insists that President Zelenskii began direct talks with the militants. And even stopped them called "separatists". They are now called patriots? Typical of Putin's tactics to test the strength of the position of the new Ukrainian power. And here it is, on the one hand, not to give slack with the other - not bump into jingoism and not to miss the opportunity of the peace process".

Director of the research Center civil society problems Vitaly Kulik stressed that the idea to move the dead point of the political part of Minsk agreements by Russia were developed.

"Now, according to the Kremlin, appeared a window of opportunity where they want to "jump". In this context, the need consider some of the initiatives announced by the same head of President's Office Andrei Bogdan and the other close to Zelensky persons in the part what you need to quickly implement any peace agreement and define some intermediate status for ORDO, - said Kulik. - In parallel, the offensive statements from the "L-DNR". If you have previously Putilin and the beekeeper did not make any definite statements about the readiness back to Ukraine, and now they are actively in the Kremlin was forced to. There I hope that Kiev would agree at least in some form for direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk".

According to the Director CIPGO, this would be not simple, even if Zelensky any ideas acceleration implicatii of the Minsk agreements.

"Despite a triumphant with the OSCE special monitoring mission, Russia and Ukraine that was able to separate the forces and means in The village of Lugansk, where he makes a demilitarization area, shelling across the line the distinction did not disappear, the silence regime not observed - like Kulik. - As for me, any political shifts in perspective "Minsk" will to create even more problems for Zelenski, as well as our military and civilian of the population".

The expert explains that many the players (internal and external) are trying to play on the escalation in the Donbas.

"Escalation is beneficial to many. Some will say that it is impossible to agree in principle, the other is to blame all Ukraine, the third – Russia, - said Kulik. – Someone will try earn electoral dividends, playing a peacemaking or the "party of war", squeezing out of this political cookies."

According to the analyst, applications Pushilin and the beekeeper is understandable. They are obedient puppets in the hands of the Kremlin. And simply repeat what they said.

"The efforts of the Russian authorities now directed by Zelensky forcing the reintegration on the conditions of Donbass Of the Russian Federation. That is limited to Ukraine's control over these territories, but with right Pro-Russian part of the Donbass to take their linguistic, economic and even foreign policy position, - the expert emphasizes. – In a situation when we have the dressing system in Ukraine (the absence of normal communication between the The President's office, several ministries, the national security Council, the security forces), can get dangerous precedent, if the new Ukrainian government will try to play by the rules of the Kremlin. We must firmly stand on the positions that any political developments in Minsk possible only after a complete cease-fire, long-term adherence the silence, the withdrawal of Russian military equipment and personnel disguised. If an attempt will be made to grant autonomy to this part of our unitary country, we can get mass riots tragic for all, including the new government, consequences."

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